Mohamed Taher
Mohamed Taher

MO, a curious wanderer in the walks of life, originally an engineer, he has been working in the construction & real estate development business for 11 years. His passion for hospitality and interest in new people lead him to pursue a degree in health psychology that later made him decide to make a complete career shift into a world that combines all his passions. He found this world in fitness & weight loss hospitality residential hotels\retreats\bootcamps. Mo’s approach is a practical one that focuses on human psychology, energy, and achieving tangible results … while never forgetting the fun & the luxury in it all. Mo is sharply pinpointed towards continuous development & innovation.

Nada Taalab
Nada Taalab

The young entrepreneur is an engineering graduate from the French University and a former swimming champion who quit her sports career because of a shoulder injury. Since 2004, she has been trying to lose that weight she gained after quitting swimming, by using all traditional and non-traditional ways.

She believes that the problem of losing weight in Egypt is because of the lifestyle that makes it very hard to diet and to maintain the weight. To help herself lose weight and maintain the weight loss, Nada has created a new concept in healthy living that will elevate the idea of getting fit. She also founded CHEFOX to help people, who are seriously eager to lose weight, stay in-shape and change their lifestyle. Nada has a real passion for facilitating positive behavioral changes in the people she works with.

Her approach is one that allows each individual to identify their own goals and choose the approach to aid their development. Nada supports them in becoming aware of, and making changes to, any negative habits they may have developed in relation to their health and well-being.

Mostafa Hassan
Mostafa Hassan

A leader & a team player, Mostafa is the perfect mix between your mentor & your friend, your good cop & your bad cop, just remember he is always there for you.

Mostafa has an extensive array of different work experience, from managing multination gym chains to directing 5-Star hotel SPAs… the list goes on! Mostafa is all about passion, a team player, very organized & details oriented professional with outstanding interpersonal skills, the invaluable experience he gained from working in world-class hospitality enables him to serve guests efficiently & effectively. Mostafa’s motto in life is : “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

Allaa Ashmawy
Allaa Ashmawy

A fitness enthusiast, CrossFit Competitor, and a motivational writer, a former model, she started doing usual sports just like anyone… why Allaa started?! She was a professional model for more than 4 years she dropped the modeling field as a result her weight dramatically increased!

That’s when she decided to start working-out for a better her & finally, she was on the right track for a better health, lifestyle & as a result a better shape. From that time, she made a decision… as she was helped by someone to achieve this!

She won’t just workout to preserve what she has achieved but she will also help others to achieve their goals just like she did, so she worked hard on herself and she became a Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer. Ashmawy is a certified fitness coach “CrossFit L1”, certified “Precision Nutritionist” specialized in weight loss & transformation programs, Certified “Masters Program +40 Age Group” coach.

Hany Emam
Hany Emam

Hany is a fitness guru & a well-known Godfather in the fitness field, he is recognized as an Elite Trainer in the “International Sports Sciences Association” (I.S.S.A), Master Trainer “RealRyder” Indoor Cycle, Master Trainer “Aqua Fitness”, “BOXERCISE” Instructor, TRX (GSTC) Group Suspension Training Expert, & a certified First Aid & C.P.R “American Red Cross” practiotioner. In short, when Hany is running the day, you’ll have the time of your life; endless laughs & hardcore well-spent effort!

Ahmed Dessouky
Ahmed Dessouky

With a 10+ years’ experience in the fitness industry educating his clients about the best ways for working out and principles of good nutrition to reach their fitness goals and live healthy. Dessouky sees himself responsible for the fitness journey of his clients from start to end.

With him, demonstration of correct techniques and providing tips is an integral part of the job to help clients achieve their desired physical fitness state. Dessouky’s Certifications are: CFT – Sports Nutrition – Tribe Team – PFTS – Animal Flow.

Rasha Affan
Rasha Affan

Rasha has always been a fan of all the different sports &Her passion is and has always been Fitness. Ever since She was a little girl, she wanted to be part of an elite fitness training team. Her overwhelming passion continued to grow until she lost weight, became a certified Group Fitness Coach & she started working as a certified fitness coach 15 Years ago in a variety of classes (Cardio, step aerobics, spinning, Toning, TOA, Zumba, Aqua, Tabata & Jumping) and is still going strong till today. The most important thing for her in exercise is that it gets done right, strong & happy! Rasha loves seeing your fitness results come alive with lots of laughs.

Ahmed Khaled
Ahmed Khaled

Coach Khaldoun, ISSA certified trainer, CPR & first aid practitioner who is all about motivating & guiding guests to achieve their goals with a smile, he will train you, monitor you & advise you on how to change your own nutrition habits & lifestyle as needed. Khaldoun’s philosophy is as follows: “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected wthout trials.”

Mohamed Zakareya
Mohamed Zakareya

Zak, the ultimate kickboxing guru that will train your mind, heart, & body all at once. He is a certified ISSA Fitness Trainer, a certified NASM MMA conditioning specialist.

Zak holds the following Championships under his steel belt: Champion of the Kung Fu Republic from 2007 to 2014, Wrestling Freestyle Champion Armies & Regions 2013, Champion of Physical Competence Armies & Regions 2013, & he’s a Bronze Medalist Title Holder in “El-Fit Egypt 2014”.

Shahenda Attia
Shahenda Attia

They say “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”, well she has started her challenge a decade ago as an intern at a fitness company, then she discovered that this is her passion and that just turned her upside down & changed everything!

She went from intern to assistant coach, then coach, then she took the course to become an instructor for the most intensive yet fun cardiovascular workout yet. And that was the one and only Certified Jumping Fitness Instructor certificate, so to wrap it up: let’s change your perspective of fitness, & introduce you to one hell of a session that mixes fitness with fun, laughs, sweat, & ENERGY.

Salma Helmy
Salma Helmy

Salma is a certified Hatha yoga & Ashtanga yoga instructor and she is an Anatomy certified expert instructor as well, alongside her passion for yoga, she is a certified flexibility & stretching instructor who has a solid 10+ years experience at Egypt’s finest fitness venues.

Dr. Mohamed Emad
Dr. Mohamed Emad

Dr. Mohamed comes from a family of generations of physiotherapists & physical therapy practitioners, it runs in the family to the extent that he traveled to China and lived there for years to learn the secrets of the human body & practice physical therapy at one of its ancient origins in the world, he is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy with Highest Honors, he specializes in Sports Rehabilitation & is a licensed TCM practitioner.

Dr. Mohamed serves as a senior physiotherapist at “EGC Physical Therapy Center”, & “Al-Safwa Hospital”. His definition of a physiotherapist is: “A physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist The heart of a humanist and the hands of an artist…” we’ll leave you with that.

Dr. Hadeer Mahmoud
Dr. Hadeer Mahmoud

Dr. Hadeer Mahmoud is a physical therapist with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from MUST. She has been always working hard on herself to tackle new grounds and areas of expertise, she studied manual therapy, TCM & cliniucal nutrition among other courses.

She started an early career that gave her the opportunity to gather much information & master many techniques to help her patients throughout their health problems. Dr. Hadeer’s pride & joy is the moment where she realizes the took her patient’s pain away & helped give them a stronger, healthier body.

Chef Ossama Massoud
Chef Ossama Massoud

Squad 101’s world-class head chef is a certified hotel trainer, HACCP certificate holder, certified food safety specialist, certified food & beverages management specialist, certified food quality specialist from “Crystal International” & “SGS International”, and a certified ISO food quality & safety specialist, he has managed some of Egypt’s most exclusive & busiest 5-Star kitchens such as “The Aqua Hotel & Resort” in Hurghada, the prestigious “SEQUOIA” Nile restaurant, & Zamalek’s hottest dining lounge “Left Bank”. Chef Ossama managed several 5-star hotel kitchens as well at “Roots Hotel Group” & “Nile Group of Hotels” over a span of 10 years. He is extremely approachable and brings a fun and exciting mix to the nutrition program. Chef Ossama personally runs the cookery workshop during the courses and provides some of the special recipes that was created exclusively for the bootcamp program.

Hazem Moawad
Hazem Moawad

Hazem is a certified master “Sports Rehabilitation” masseur from the “International Academy” & is certified massage therapist specialized in sports injuries & musculoskeletal rehabilitation from “INSEP PRO”; Last but not least Hazem is certified from “ESA Academy” as a “Cupping Therapy Specialist” both wet/dry practice. Bottom line is: He will not leave a single muscle fiber or tissue in your body unattended to or unrecovered to its deepest core.

Nahed Karem
Nahed Karem

Nahed holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physical fitness along with 25+ years of experience in the sports massage field. She holds a diploma in “Injuries & physical therapy”, and has completed advanced courses in reflexology foot massage. Nahed’s experience in the massage field directed her to take over the full responsibility of the sports massage center at the esteemed “Royal Shooting Club of Egypt” till the current date.



Squad 101
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21:41 15 May 24
Ahmed RashedAhmed Rashed
07:03 12 May 24
The best place for your health & mind & soul, thanks so much to the amazing helpful squad 101 team for the perfect treatment and friendly feelings.
مصطفى محمودمصطفى محمود
17:47 08 May 24
08:58 08 May 24
haitham alsayeghhaitham alsayegh
07:38 08 May 24
Very beautiful and wonderful placeThank you to everyone involved in this workThank you to the trainers, male and female, for their outstanding performance
Tamer AbdouTamer Abdou
19:53 04 May 24
I would like to thank all squad 1001 Team for this amazing great experience that I had during my last week participation in their bootcamp for weight loss which was very challenging intense program perfectly designed and balanced to cover all possible requested aspects till providing physical therapist, Massage, Nutrition & Yoga sessions to complete the full necessary range for any serious person who needs a real shift in his lifestyles and above all a great tasty healthy nutrition plans that will exceeds everyone’s expectations using perfecttop ingredients by master Chef Ossama and his great team so everyone can enjoy their healthy meals to the maxFinally I would like to thank everyone in this magnificent team & they must be proud to have such a professional experience in Egypt that really exceeds other rivals in EU countries and would highly recommend anyone looking for the first right step yo save his health and put his feet on the right ground to immediately join the camp within any of their different programs that can match their personal targetsKeep up the great work I am missing you all already but for sure will meet again soonTake care and all the bestTamer Sameh
Ahmed Ibrahim BelbesyAhmed Ibrahim Belbesy
12:13 03 May 24
Being used to boot camps in Europe I was a bit skeptical to try squad 101, however the experience was really amazing, a very structured program including training sessions, physiotherapy, massage and workshops, food is really amazingThe overall place is very cozy and friendly, the team is very service orientedGreat experience and highly recommended
Sherif AnisSherif Anis
17:31 30 Apr 24
It was one of the best experiences I have ever tried in Egypt.Honestly it's highly recommended and the Vibes there was amazing ✨️Thank You Squad 101 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Mohamed TaherMohamed Taher
15:56 02 Jan 24
Every little detail in this place is made and done with absolute passion! Unique warm experience and outstanding results.
Ahmed AwadAhmed Awad
17:07 26 Dec 23
Waleed WaheedWaleed Waheed
16:35 14 Dec 23
The best place in Egypt and the Arab world is a comfortable place with a five-star hotel system and service. If you want to unwind and relax, or you want to commit to an exercise program to regain your health and physical fitness and lose a lot of weight in a short time.
Shams MohamedShams Mohamed
23:11 22 Nov 23
Moataz El ShorbagyMoataz El Shorbagy
10:01 13 Oct 23
There are some places, and people get into your heart and soul from the first sight, Squad 101 is one of these places. because simply they are treating you with care that comes from their heart too. The place is very neat, well organised, facilities and equipment are in good condition, people are very professional starting from the owners, coaches, chefs, and the labor. Food is outstanding. You will not only loose fats but you will fall in love with the place
Heba Abou HamdaHeba Abou Hamda
20:06 06 Apr 21
A great experience, I just finished the camp and it was an amazing experience.Very professional in every thing, safety is a priority to them , very clean and sanitized especially during Corona they took the highest level of precautions and always put our safety first.Providing us with different types of experience with professional coach’s.The food was great very Tasty and well presentation.The owner are very helpful and always present making sure that everything is on time and done the right way.100% recommended and I will definitely repeat it again
Sara FarisSara Faris
18:22 06 Apr 21
I had the privilege of staying in this place with the amazing people working in it. Everyone is very passionate in what they are doing and they are always looking for the best interest of the people staying with them especially during Corona they took the highest level of precautions and always put our safety first.The food, the exercise, and pushing our limits it all exceeded my expectations.100% recommended and will definitely be repeating this experience soon.